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APOPliving – Apartments, Houses, Cities…
by driendl*architects , published by SpringerWienNewYork

Summer Meadows as architects, Pinewoods as building authorities, Laurel Leaves as money, … Like a play divided into eight acts, in this book the topic living is given an open stage.

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> Excerpt – Sample

Applied to the societal subject matter of habitation, that entails an increasing need for living space, since people are demanding ever more space, in order to be able to live independently, freely and without being subject to any dictates from outside – they march forward on their own, each one for himself. The tendency towards the one-person household is increasing. Perhaps in future each person will only need his own spacesuit, which at the press of a button regulates temperature, food and entertainment, or is virtually feeding in only pleasant images of people and nature, simply dispensing all unpleasant confl icts and everything that offends the eye. How is living characterised, how will our future habitation be defined?

September 23, 2011
relaunch of driendl.at!


May 16, 2011
driendl*architects go MOCKBA / AUSTRIA DAVAJ!


May 15, 2011

Chinese Version of the Book APOPliving is coming soon!

June 22, 2010
driendl*architects on twitter!

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May 16, 2010
d*a in cluj

APOPliving presentation, exhibition and workshop in Cluj, Romania – May 13th to May 15th

Documentation will be online soon!

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